How Do I Get the “Larry Hunt Price”?

Every so often we get an email from a reader who asks why he or she can’t get a price that is similar to the price we have run in the newsletter. Although we try to run price reports that are attainable by our readers, there are a number of reasons why a vendor will […]

Knowledge is Power …

Knowledge is power … is a commonly used phrase in business, politics and advertising.  This is also very true when it comes to buying a new color machine. Some of the things you will want to learn as part of your knowledge building process are: Find out good street prices for the various color copiers […]

3-D printing will be a real opportunity for those who are looking for “the next big thing”

I’m going out on a limb here, but I think 3-D printing can be a viable market for printers looking for new things to sell. While not printing in the traditional sense, 3-D printing requires many of the same skills and qualities that we have developed as traditional printers. Some of these include attention to […]

Enclosed with this month’s High Speed News

Enclosed with this month’s High Speed News is a Request for Field Reports on high-speed black and white digital copiers and printers. Providing up to date field reports to our readers is probably the second most valuable service we provide (the most popular would have to be our pricing data). Please help us to help […]