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The Larry Hunt Newsletters are truly unique, and are the only source in the quick and commercial printing industry for the lastest pricing and performance information on hundreds of different copiers and printers. These newsletters can easily result in significant savings on your next equipment purchase.

The Color Copy News and the High Speed Copy News have been serving the printing industry for over 20 years, and both newsletters provide valuable information on:

Street prices on popular high speed and color models – this is “must have” information when negotiating

Equipment surveys and field reports from copier users like you

Management and technical information to help make better profits in copying and digital printing

And now, we’ve introduced another newsletter designed to bring you the same savings and benefits regarding the world of large format reproduction. The Larry Hunt Wide Format News will help you tap into the fast growing wide format market and reveal ways to make better profits through high margin ancillary services. Should you start a wide format department? We’ll examine the pros and cons in detail.

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