Knowledge is Power …

Knowledge is power … is a commonly used phrase in business, politics and advertising.  This is also very true when it comes to buying a new color machine. Some of the things you will want to learn as part of your knowledge building process are:

Find out good street prices for the various color copiers in which you are interested (samples are shown monthly in this newsletter).

Get demonstrations and competitive quotes from at least two local vendors, both on your primary copier choice and comparative models.  Having two or more vendors fighting for your order will give you the best chance of getting a good deal.

Make sure to get the quote broken down into its cost for the machine, accessories, service and financing cost (if you’re not paying cash).  Getting just a monthly lease cost will make it almost impossible to compare your price to other quotes. Many vendors will resist giving you a breakdown because it gives you important knowledge about the machine cost.  This is precisely why you need the breakdown. Remember that “Knowledge is power,” and you need the POWER!

Making good profits in copying starts with getting the right machine and service package and getting it at the right price.  In order to do so you need to deal from a position of strength.  Hopefully the information provided in this newsletter will help you achieve a stronger position in your negotiations.