During recent negotiations for a color copier, the salesman essentially said “let’s cut to the chase … fax me over some copies of Larry Hunt’s newsletters and let us see what we can do.” They then came back with a very competitive offer which we accepted. Thanks for all your help.

John Stewart, Florida
QP Consulting Melbourne

For about 60 cents a day, I’ve been able to subscribe to both of Larry Hunt’s newsletters, benefiting enormously through the years. I’ve saved literally thousands of dollars on copying equipment, because Larry publishes the quotes and proposals that other printers have received. In short, if you want to make money with your color copiers or high-speed copiers, these newsletters are a necessary investment.

Mike Stevens, North Dakota
Express Press & Ink Inc. Fargo

Larry Hunt’s newsletters are the best tools I have found to assure that I am making smart decisions in high-speed copying, color copying and digital copying.

Carl Gerhardt, Northville, MI
Allegra Network

Subscribing to Larry Hunt’s newsletters has saved me a tremendous amount of money over the years. I have purchased a total of five Canon color copiers and in each case I was able to save money by using information found in the newsletter about the ‘going’ price on equipment.

Chuck Murphy, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Print Source

Larry Hunt’s newsletters are top-notch. There’s a real need for the type of information that is disseminated in a very dispassionate manner.

Jim Elliott, Shreveport, Louisiana
Insty Prints

I started subscribing one month too late. With information in your newsletter about machine prices, I could have saved $10,000.

Wayne Booker, Emeryville, California
Fairbanks Copy Central

If you are in the copy business, you are not seriously in business at all unless you know what is going on. The best way to do that is with Larry Hunt’s newsletters.

Mark Geppert, Houston, Texas

If you want to be in high speed copying or color copying, your first purchase must be Larry Hunt’s newsletters.

Larry Nebel, Fremont, California
Alco Print

All I had to do was tell my vendor that I planned to share his proposal with Larry Hunt and the price amazingly was renegotiated.

Fred Nelson, Concord, California
Nelson Press

Larry Hunt’s newsletters have made and continue to make a significant impact with their ability to bring the latest copying news to the printing community – Just ask any vendor!

Ed McEachern, Ypsilanti, Michigan
Print & Copy Centers

Larry has his finger on the pulse of the copy industry. A definite must read for anyone interested in increasing sales and profits.

Michael Tarpinian, Rolling Meadows, IL
American Speedy Printing

Larry’s newsletter is instrumental in helping us understand the complexities of copier pricing – when the time comes for serious money talk between the vendor and the city, we will be in a much better position to talk.

Bill Newsom, Arlington, Texas
City of Arlington

The information is very current and very helpful! I believe we’ve saved quite a bit of money and purchased quality equipment thanks to your

Susan Cole, Seattle, Washington
Seattle University

When you start with quotes in the mid $40,000 range and are able to close the deal in the low 30′s, I’d say the information in Larry Hunt’s newsletters is worth the investment.

Bob Bailey, Salisbury, North Carolina
Quick Copy Shop

I saved over $10,000 using the information from Larry’s newsletters. Don’t buy or lease a machine or sign a service contract without consulting these newsletters.

Cahill Jones, Boise, Idaho
Biz Print